eCommerce and Australia

1 November, 2018

A great article by Tim Bowen on "How to sell to Aussies online" published on LinkedIn recently. I like the statistics - really interesting and a good read.

Aussie consumers want to buy online

The following statistics highlight that Australians’ shopping behaviours are changing. With increasing rates of access to the internet and mobile phones usage Australians are now more likely than ever to buy and/or research a product or service online before purchase.

Some statistics from Google about Australian consumers:

90% have internet access

80% own a smart phone

On average people spend 3,360 minutes online per month

64% of all transactions include an online element – including researching products and services

Other similar statistics that support Googles’ numbers are:

85% of the Australian population has internet access (Internet Live Stats).

19.4 million mobile phone users in 2019. (Statista)

35% of eCommerce transactions were completed on mobiles in 2015. (PFS)

27% of consumers, made a purchase with a mobile, weekly in August 2016 (emarketer)

These numbers all highlight that Australians are now using the internet more in their purchasing journey, so how can you sell to Aussies online?

Read the full article here on LinkedIn.

Check out Tim's website here.