alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

our story

At Baseline Digital we are passionate about modern technology and business. With our background as business owners for more than 20 years including running a web development company from 1999 until 2015, where we worked with companies from all over the world.

We love working with small to medium size businesses, helping them with web and mobile applications in the cloud, to enhance efficiency but also to generate new business. In addition startup web based businesses are of particluar interest, whether it to develop an app or to provide software as a service tools on the web.

our goals & values

Being open and honest, transparent. Earning trust and respect by taking a long term view.

Making smart, well considered technology choices.

Understanding what makes your organisation tick and working with you to apply the right technology, effectively.

With many years of experience in a fast changing online world, our approach is ensuring that your web and app presence are business focused.


Deon Metcalf

Deon Metcalf

Deon studied electrical engineering but quickly moved into  IT working on IT rollouts and network support in the early days of Wide Area Networking.

That lead to leadership roles in IT management and then a number of businesses in New Zealand and now in Australia – in both IT, web and app development. 

Startups is an area of special interest including working with clients to build pitch decks, MVP’s and real world validation.

Nic Farman

Nic Farman

Nic is an expert in all types of technology, having developed numerous online portals, including in these fields

  • Training and education
  • Customer management and user experience
  • Business optimisation systems

He is also our online marketing specialist with a proven track record in these areas:

Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Google Ads campaigns

Debbie Maloyd

Debbie Maloyd

Debbie has been in the digital design field for over 20 years and has worked in many environments within the industry including advertising agencies, smaller boutique web design companies and as a freelancer.

Debbie’s key strength is in Visual and UI Design. Following a user-centered design approach, she translate the client’s requirements into working products.

She also designs wireframes through to hi-fidelity mock-ups.

When I wanted to develop an app for my generative art project, MADE Walking, I was referred to Baseline Digital. Deon and Nic have been invaluable, not only providing me with detailed estimates, but also lending their digital expertise to my application along with their CV’s.

They also worked closely with me on how to best supply the associated material required for the grant application. I highly recommend Baseline Digital.

Nicole Voevodin-Cash

Founder, MADE Walking